Solar newbie, 2 questions on grouding and series vs parallel

Hi, I'm installing the Renogy 400W premium kit off-grid with 2000W inverter. Couple questions...

1. For grounding the inverter, is it okay to connect to my home's existing ground wiring, or do I need to have it on its own ground rod?

2.  Series vs Parallel: The 400W kit diagram shows the panels connected in series, yet I have seen many references in Renogy videos that series connections are for 24v systems. Mine is 12v. So the info is a bit confusing. If I connect my 4 panels in series, is that suitable for my 12v system?

Thanks in advance!

  • Scott,

    Thank you for reaching out to us:

    1. For grounding recommendations we would recommend consulting an electrician or installer.

    2. As long as you have an MPPT controller the unit will be able to bring in that higher voltage and charge your 12V battery bank.

    Thank you

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