Renogy Rover Series and Modbus settings - is this a bug or a feature...


after making it to read out most of the data from my Rover 20 controller (THX to this Forum :-) ) I'd started to try also to set  some values but had problem to do so without entering some settings manualy at the controller beforehand.

In fact I can set the controller to customised battery setting (battery_type 5 - E004H) over the modbus and the controller accept the setting but I can't change the corresponding values afterwards over the Modbus - the controller simply ignore them without an error message.

The strange thing is, that if I reset the controller and enter the settings manually over the keypad I can control them afterwards also over the modbus - until I change the battery type via modbus again - then it's the same as before.

Is this a feature (just for security)  or is this a bug?

More over I wondering about the dimming feature (E001H). In custom mode I can set and read this value - but it did't take any visible effect. 

Is it to reduce the output voltage - and is it supported with the Rover Series?    



  •  I have this same problem. This is very weird. One thing is that the "user" battery type seems to correspond to two different values. A value of 0 is unlocked, and a value of 5 seems to be locked. And if you try to set the battery type to 0, it still ends up as 5.

    Thanks for testing this, though. I wouldn't have known that manually changing it on the rover allowed you to set values.

  • :-)... Yes - this seems to be a bug. Regarding to the values of the E004 register - just have a look to the solarshed project and their driver - this guy did a pretty good job... The values are unfortunately not documented in the modbus document... 

    1: 'Open',
    2: 'Sealed',
    3: 'Gel',
    4: 'Lithium',
    5: 'self-customized'
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