My system - advice, tips, info appreciated

I was wondering if my panels should be in parallel for 30vdc~ or series for 60vdc~. Like the title says any advice, tips, or info would be appreciated.


  • series. Note: a nominal 12v panel has 36 cells with a Vmp of 17-18.

    A 60 cell panel has a Vmp of 32v? When it gets hot that will reduce below the ~30v to charge a 24v bank so I would series the 2 panels. If they were 72 cell I would suggest parallel and with a tad less loss from bucking the voltage down to batt voltage.

    The reason a 12v panel has a Vmp or 17-18v is that panels get HOT and the Vmp drops a couple of volts, it needs to always be over batt voltage.

  • Good info. Ty bupkis

  • switched the panels to a series connection instead of parallel. getting 1.75kWh now compared to 1.3kWh stored each day.
  • New diagram. Got a bt-2 hooked up as well now. Averaging pretty good power stored now. With the panels in series
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