Rover Elite 40A connected to Solar Station Monitor

I bought a Rover Elite 40 Amp MPPT CC a couple days ago off of

I did some research on connecting it to the Solar Station Monitor Software.

Many thanks to those that have posted here and in other forums about this subject.

Here is what I discovered.

The Solar Station Monitor Software download for the Rover is only available on the UK Renogy site.

To install the Solar Station Monitor SW on Windows 10 you have to install it in compatibility mode for Windows 8 and run it as an administrator.

Then you have to register the following files via the command prompt run as an administrator:

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\MsComm32.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\MsComctl.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\Tabctl32.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\Comdlg32.ocx

regsvr32 c:\windows\syswow64\Mschrt20.ocx

Just enter the above commands one at at time at the command line in the command prompt window and it will register the files. I am using Windows 10 Version 1909.

The pinout for the RS-485 connector on the Rover Elite is as follows:


1    NC

2    NC

3    NC

4    NC

5    GND

6    B      RS-485

7    A      RS-485

8    + 5   Volts {Do not connect this pin to the RS232 to  RS485 converter or anything else ;)}

I bought a DTech DT-9000 RS232 to RS485 converter on and connected a RJ45 cable to it using the pinout above.

I used a RS232 to USB dongle that I had to connect the PC to the DT-9000.

I had to set the USB to RS232 dongle to whatever the Com port was that showed up in the Solar Station Monitor.

You can not add a new Com port to Solar Station Monitor so you have to set your Com port to whatever it is saying the Com port is that it wants to see. In my case it was Com7.

Bite rate: 9600

Data Bits: 8

Parity: none

Stop Bits: 1

Flow Control: none

I did not have to install the USB to RS232 drivers included with Solar Station Monitor. The stock drivers for my USB to RS232 dongle worked just fine.

I had to set the ID in the Rover to 242 via Solar Station Monitor and the station number in Solar Station Monitor to 11 to get it to work.

I now have a working system talking to the Rover Elite 40 Amp MPPT via the Solar Station Monitor SW.

Since the Rover Elite does not have load connection terminals on it the load display in Solar Station Monitor will all show 0.

I hope this helps anybody trying to connect to this CC for monitoring.

Best Regards,


  • Stu,

    Thank you for sharing this information.

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