Renogy App - manual / functions not working


I installed the Renovy 400W premium kit with BT-1 module. I am looking for the Manual to the Mobile app to get clarity on :


* Battery Capacity shows 100% both when voltage is 13.2V or 14.2V = I would expect capacity to change at lower voltage

* Temperature is 25C and not updating - screen of Rover 40 shows different temp

* Little green icon with an exclamation mark - what does it mean?

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  • I have link to the video for the Mobile App.

    1. The Battery SOC% is not showing the actual battery capacity, it is actually displaying the State of charge percentage based on voltage so that is not a good marker for you battery capacity. That would require a monitor with a shunt, like our RBM-500 unit, down below is a link for your review. 

    2. The Temp should fluctuate depending on the ambient temp of the controller, if it is not there may be an issue with the controller. Please reach out to our Customer Engagement team to further troubleshoot your system.

    3. The exclamation typically means there's an error, trying performing a hard reset on your controller by disconnecting your battery and solar panel, letting it sit for 1 minute and then reconnect. 

    Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

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