100w giving 4.1A?

I have 2x 100d-ss in series that are creating 4.1 amps and 41v. Panel 1 about 3.95A and 19.96V, panel 2 4.1A at 20V. In the UK which is pretty sunny at the moment. They're connected to a victron mppt which is stating 130 watts. I have seen 180w peak in the victron app this year so at some point they have produced more. Does that 4.1amp figure seem correct to people? Am I wrong to be expecting more than that? Was about 138w at midday, now 120w at 3.30pm. Is there a better way of measuring the panels?
  • remember that when the controller limits panel power production when it is not need, like when the batteries are near full. 41v x 4.1A = 168w, seems good to me.

  • Yeah, the battery was not near full and the loads were still drawing plenty of power so more power could be drawn from the panels. Good point about the 41x4.1. Those were measurements directly from the panels and the mppt was suggesting different figures when drawing power from the panels. Will look again tomorrow at all the components.
  • your measured Ioc and Vsc, I'd expect mppt to be less.

    Don't forget less power when panels heat, dirty, clouds, haze, pollution, ...

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