rover 40i lithium profile settings

Does anyone have the lithium profile values for modbus registers 0xE005-0XE014?  I'd like to know them.


  • @Gnubie, I am not too familiar with the modbus information for these units, but I have attached the modbus document that we have available. Let us know if that information is available in there, if not I can request that from our Product Developement team.

    Thank you,

  •  I have that document already.  I am after the actual configuration values.  The reason is that I'd like to alter the configuration, ie use a custom preset, but when I do I notice that the charging behaviour is not good in that it never seems to release the lifepo4 from the high voltage point.  I'm hoping this is simply due to some undocumented or obscure setting rather than the lithium behaviour simply being a hack of a job in the firmware, ie, when Li is indictated on the front panel the release once charged (and elevated voltage timer expired, min 10 mins) rather than relying on the charge voltage set points in a custom configure.

    If it is a hack job that would truly suck.

  •  If you want to know the default values, this manual has them on page 32:

  • gnubie, it is my understanding that 14.4v is held till the sun goes down.

    The battery bms should cell balance and cut off charge based on its logic

  •  Which is more or less relying on a brick wall to stop the car instead of the brakes.

    The issue I see is that when selecting the user defined profile and having put in the voltages and times I desire the unit never exits the absorption stage.  That means one of two things.  I'm not setting the registers correctly with modbus, or the controller's programming (as in the code that runs it) is fundamentally flawed.

    For example, absorption voltage of 28.4V is reached.  Absorption time register is set to 1.  According to the modbus document this means 11 minutes in absorption stage, but it does not exit absorption even after 15 minutes.

  •  Might have cracked the code.  The registers are either base as they are numbers or scaled by 10, 100 etc.  The way the modbus document details the boost and equalisation times made me think it is scaled but in reality I think it is base, ie units, minutes.  With a twist.  That being that only multiples of 10 are valid.  10 mins, 20 mins, 30 mins.  Other values are considered invalid.  I'll test this tomorrow.

  • I would set the controller to 24v and use 14.2 for bulk, 12 for float.

  • That was it. The time register is indeed in units of minutes but must be an whole multiple of 10 - 10, 20, 30 - otherwise it never comes out of absorption mode.
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