Grounding Van Conversion?

Hello everyone, I am converting a van at the moment. I will have 640 watts solar, 60amp charge controller, 200ah lithium, 2000w inverter. I have watched so many videos and no one seems to mention grounding....?! I am a mega beginner, so I have no idea how to go about it and what is the safe/correct way. Do I ground the inverter? According to the manual, it should be? Does the 12v fuse block get grounded as well? Thank you so much!
  • A short answer, you would "ground" to the frame/metal of the "RV", all devices. But this is only a "ground" in the 12v automobile sense, meaning its just a common negative. This is not a true "to ground" wire, for that you need long copper bars literally in the ground.

    Because of this, i don't bother with the grounds in a mobile situation, and i do use grounds if not mobile. Hope that helps.

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  • Also in your van if you have mounted the device to metal or screwed into metal you are already grounded.

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  • Thanks Chris. All devices? Inverter and charge controller? Regarding mounting to metal, doesn’t it need to be bare metal? Thank you!
  • In theory yes, it needs to be bare metal, but if you are drilling a hole and running a screw into it you are connecting to bare metal. Ideally you would grind off any paint, etc.. and truly connect to bare metal, but just the screws are probably fine. And yes any device that has a ground connector should technically be grounded.

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