Max nominal panel voltage for Wanderer Li 30A 12V PWM Neg Gnd Charge Controller?

I find it incredibly surprising that the 30A Wanderer CC can't handle the same V input as it's smaller, less expensive 10A sibling. Can I use a 24V nominal panel as input for the 30A Wanderer? Would it then be capable of charging a 24V battery bank, or would that 24V input be 'lost' in the buck conversion i.e. step-down to 12V output? In this case would I still get the total power output i.e. 24V * "X"A = 12V * 2* "X"A = 270W? Ignoring minor losses etc. and focusing on the nominal figures - can someone please educate me?


  • first consider the specs of a '24v' panel, often they are not double a 12v!

    No the wanderer is for 12v battery system, ie the charging set pts like boost or float is based on 12v.

    to charge a 24v battery you will need 2 12v panels in series (not the wanderer) which is higher voltage than one '24v' cus 12v panels are 36 cell and so called 24v are only 60 (there are som 72 cell versions).

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  • Understood, thank you. I read the datasheet but you know with products constantly being updated, datasheets being revised, newer models, inaccurate site descriptions, etc. I wanted to be sure. Really I didn't want to believe I couldn't! :) Thanks

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