2x Wanderer 10 Amp 12V/24V PWM Neg Gnd Solar Charge Controller fed from 1x 24V panel to charge 2x separate 12v battery banks

So I'm trying to make use of my "24V"/270W panel on my 12V battery banks, and I have 2 of the 10A Wanderer PWM controllers. If I split the voltage of the panel by wiring the 2x 12V 10A CCs in series off the single panel, and then connect 2x separate 12V battery banks to the CCs (1x 12V bank to 1x 12V CC and another 1x 12V bank to 1x 12V CC ), would I still get the total power and energy output of the panel as the sum of that from the 2 separate CCs and battery banks? 

I understand this particular CC can handle up to "24V" input but wouldn't the efficiency be cut in 1/2 b/c the CC limits output to 12V? Also I believe the 24V input on a single controller would exceed the rated power of the CC i.e. 24V x 10A < 270W panel output, right? 

Respectfully, what I'm using it for, my wire ga, Ah capacities, etc. are irrelevant to my question - please focus responses on the question I asked, not the question you want to answer ;) Thanks!

  • if the wanderer 'operates' in 24v mode it will use most of the power, pwm controller's force the panel to operate near battery voltage. find the IV curve of the panel!!!! Note, when the battery is full the panel will be operating near 29v, is that beyond the range of the panel?

    if the wander operates in 12v mode then the panel will operate at batt voltage of 12-14v, again see an iv curve, the panel is constant current over a side range of voltages.

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  • If I'm following correctly your comment is in response to the 2nd part of my question re: using a 24V panel on the charge controller in 24V mode - and what your're saying is b/c my batteries are 12V the drop from my controller to the batteries would be consumed as heat by the charge controller... in which case my presumption is accurate, that I would only get 1/2 the rated power output of the panels at the batteries. Right? 

    Also I'm not clear why the panel voltage would be affected by the battery charge level, do you mind elaborating? 

    Apologies if this is elementary. Thanks

  • you need a mppt controller to utilize the full power.
    '24v' panel to charge 12v batt.

    If you decide to use a 24v panel with the wanderer 30A you will be exceeding its voltage input limit, it will operate at 12-15v and will put out rated amps, so yes 1/2 power but not the heat you mention.

    PWM controllers limit power to batts, they let the panel direct connect to the batt so a 12v panel that put out power from 0v to 18v (the same amps) operates at batt voltage. A 12v panels' power drops like a rock from 18v to 20+v.

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  • note the attached iv curve of a 12v panel, a pwm controller has the panel operating at batt voltage (yellow circle), the power is not at the peak, there is no heat lost since the panel operates at batt voltage, no bucking. A mppt controller forces the panel to operate at perk power and transforms that to charge the battery.

    So imagine a 24v panels IV curve or look at the specs of yours, the curve is the same but the number at the bottom are different, with a 12v controller the panel will operate at batt voltage )12-15v) and not near the 24v panels peak power, not heat as the power is NOT made cuz the panel operates at 12-15v or batt voltage. There is potentially more power that could be produced but it is not.

  • So this 24v panel hooked to a pwm controller to 12v battery will operate at 12-15v @ ~9amps in full sun, that makes the power around 150watts. have 2 controller changes nothing.


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