Support for MT-50 monitor with a Commander 40A

MT-50 Controller stopped showing data but has power.  Manual says to replace either the unit or cable.  Not found on your store or in retailers product listing.  Don't want to replace the entire system after only 2 years.  Installation is problematic in a boat..

  •  You could try replacing the RJ45 cable. I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) you can just use a standard Ethernet CAT5 cable.

    The MT-50 unit is available on many websites to purchase. I believe the Commander is a rebrand of EPEver's Tracer unit, so you can likely just get one of their MT-50 units.

    I don't think Renogy supports those older models anymore.

  • My newly purchased RKIT50 is only 2 hours old and I cannot seem to find any assistance with installation..  Must i take it back to Home Depot.  I am not an engineer or an electrician.  The package said I could download a copy of a manual.  

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