Custom settings using BT-1 app on Wanderer Li 30A

Ok, so I guess the first question is does the Wanderer support the custom User settings?  I have tried numerous times to create custom settings and they never seem to be saved.  I do the Admin thing and create the settings and save them and it says save successful.  However, in the Battery Type box it switches back to LI sometimes and if I disconnect the app and reconnect, it never shows the settings that I saved.  I am trying to use this with a Battleborn 100AH LiFePo4 battery and use Battleborn's recommended settings.

It is quite annoying that in the LI profile, you can only change 3 settings and most of them aren't even what I want to change.  

  • Brad,

    Unfortunately the wanderer controller can only select the preset battery charge profiles. Customization in charging is only supported on the Rover controllers. The BT-1 is more of a monitor device for the Adventurer and Wanderer controllers, with the load section on the app only available if there's a load terminal on the controller. 

  • Ok, so why in the manual does it state:

    "The Wanderer is shipped with by itself with no additional components. ~

     ~BT-1 Bluetooth Module: The BT-1 Bluetooth module is a great addition to any Renogy charge controllers with a RS232 port and is used to pair charge controllers with the Renogy BT App. After pairing is done you can monitor your system and change parameters directly from you cell phone or tablet"

    And later on states:

    "* Battery charging parameters in LI mode can be programmed using Renogy BT App."

    I have to say that I'm not very happy about this.  

  • My apologies for the misunderstanding. Programming involves setting the battery type and if in Lithium Mode, you may select certain boost voltage thresholds as seen on this chart under the Lithium section.

  • Ok.  So help me out with this.  I can set the Boost voltage but the Boost Duration is not set to anything.  So does it ever even use the Boost voltage setting?

  •  I'm pretty sure that while in lithium mode (when the boost duration is 0), the controller will charge the batteries in bulk mppt until it hits the boost duration, then it will go immediately to float mode I believe. There might be a graph with an example in the Wanderer or Renogy manual.

  •  On the above post I meant that the controller stays in bulk until it hits the boost voltage, not duration.

    You can see this shown in the Wanderer manual on page 5/6 in the "Four charging stage" section. I believe that with in lithium mode, the wanderer is programmed to only do bulk, but I'm not sure. It might also do float, but don't quote me on that. Even if the controller doesn't go into boost, you can see that it will still stay in bulk until it hits the boost setpoint.

  • Sadly I have already given up on the controller.  Thanks for helping though Joshua.

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