Hi there, 

I have 135AH AGM 12V AMP Lead Acid SLA deep cycle battery. 

According to battery manual: 
Standby Use: 13.5 - 13.8V (is this float charge? Constant Voltage?)
Cycle use: 14.4 - 15.0V

How should I program my Rover LI 30AMP controller? 
What charging parameters settings should I use? 
(Equalizing voltage, Boost voltage, Floating charging voltage, over-discharge return voltage, Over discharge voltage)???

Also assuming % capacity of battery is calculated from Battery Voltage. 
What should the battery voltage be after Load consume 40amp.? 
Do I understand it correctly, if something will be consuming 5amp over 8hours, the total consumed amps should be 40AH right? 
This is about 30% of battery discharge. 
Would the battery voltage drops from 13.8 to 9.66V? 
Isnt this too much discharge? 
Even if those deep cycle batteries can go up to 50% their depth of discharge. 
Would then the battery voltage drops to 6.9V? 

How do you test the health of battery? 
Is there any chance to find out how many discharge cycles battery already had? 

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