Connect controller to power center vs. directly to battery

Hello, I'm planning the install of the solar panels/controller on my travel trailer and found that it will be much easier if I connect the output from the controller to my power center inside the trailer instead of directly to the battery.  I would like to install the controller above the refrigerator and run the panel cables through the vent. There's an additional 8awg connection at the unit under my refrigerator that goes to the battery (the input) where I would like to connect the solar controller.  This would be much easier than having to run the controller output all the way to the battery.  Is that an acceptable install?  I'm attaching an image of the fuse box where you can see the additional connector below the 40amp fuse. My trailer is a 2014 Keystone Hideout 19flb

  • You;ll need to decide if the voltage drop from the long run to the battery is acceptable. 8g is large. Find a voltage drop calculator on the web, enter wire size & length and ~80% max current of the panels.

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