New Solar kit installed, question about the AMPS from panels @ .8-1.2

I have 3 100w panels hooked up in series to my 40amp Rover controller. Everything seems to be working fine, reading 50+ volts all day. The panel current seems low. I have new clean panels getting blasted with sun and the most I get is about 1A of current. Is this a setting or is the BT-1 giving me inaccurate data? 


  • Hi Daniel J Maxwell, a charge controller's job is to limit power to the battery!

    Your battery is near full and it is only taking 3A to maintain 14.3v charging.

    The concept is that all panel power goes to battery charging until the battery gets to some temp corrected set pt like 14.4v (less temp correction over 77F plus temp correction under 77F). Then the controller holds the battery @ 14.4v constant for 2 hrs, during this time it takes less and less power to maintain 14.4v (charge controller limiting power). After the 2hr time or whatever time limit is set in the controller a new set pt of 13.?v (float) is used and the controller further limits power to the battery. HTH

  • Thank you, that made sense and in practice, I now see the amps up with the demand. 

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