Rover 30a keeps going into Over discharge mode.

Hi everyone,

I'm having an issue with my Rover 30a giving an E1 error code, over discharge.  I have two 50w Renogy panels hooked up in parallel with about a 12' run to the Rover CC.  From the Rover it goes directly to my dual 12v deep cycle batteries.  From the batteries I have only a Dometic CFX65 refrigerator hooked up to it.   The frig is rated at 8.2A @ 12v.

What could be causing the E1 error?

  •  Plain and simple your using more power than your producing....... Way more info needed...... How large are your 12v deep cycle batteries for one thing.....

    What is the fridge hooked to??????? The CC or the batteries???????

  •  Ok I see you have the fridge attached to the batteries..... That's good....

    I still say your using more power than your making....... It's hot and the fridge has to work harder...........

  • Thanks for the reply Tattoo.  Each battery is rated at 130Ah.  Even when the fridge's compress is not running, so just the LED status lights and whatever "life support" circuitry it might have is on,  the Rover throws the E1 code.  I can't believe that the fridge is pulling that much power.  It is designed to be used in vehicles and such, so it has a very small draw to it.

  • I can add that the fridge has an energy consumption rate of 69 kWh/annum.  If I'm using the convertors correctly, that should be about 7.8 watts.

  • over discharged would indicate a battery VOLTAGE that is too low based on the CC settings, like as low as 11v.

    if that is not the case the CC could be defective. I don't see 100w of solar enough but that is for you to determine based on battery VOLTAGE.

  •  What was the voltage in the batteries checked with a voltmeter???? Do you have a killawatt meter to see exactly what the fridge is using?? If not buy one they are cheap.....

    Like I said above I don't think your making enough power.... You need to be making at least twice the power your using everyday....... More would would even better........

  • I do have this Charge-Discharge Monitor that I can hook to it to see what is going on.  I'll try and get that setup today sometime.

    I was also able to find some power specs for the fridge online:

    Amp Hours: 0.85

    Amps Used Over 24 Hours: 20.4

    Watt Hours: 10.2

    Watt Hours Over 24 Hours: 245

    Running Watts: 65

    Those are from the manufacture and tested in 90°F ambient temps.

  • the screen of CC should show battery voltage!

    100w is ~ 5-6A, ideal sun/orientation yields ~20ah/day, that's less than 3 hrs of run time @ 8A/hr. Your first concern should be to get the batteries fully charged ASAP!

  •  Keith your system is WAY to SMALL..... It should at least twice as big as it is...... 3 times would be ideal......

    Turn off your fridge and charge your batteries fully before you kill them......

  • Thanks guys.  I disconnected the fridge when I got home and charged the batteries.  My fridge sits in the large black box on the front of my off road trailer:


    I'm sure the compressor run quite a bit during the day when the sun is heating up that box, but I don't think it runs much at all at night once the temps drop into the 60°/50°s 

    As you can see, I don't have a lot of room to mount panels on my trailer.  My two 50w panels are mount right above the doors on either side.  I do most of my driving from location to location each day, so setting up panels out around the trail is only an option some of the time.

    When the Rover is in over discharge mode, does it continue to tray and charge the batteries?  The display of the Rover implies that it does not as it does not show an output to the batteries.

  • I should also add that when driving the trailer batteries are getting some charge from the truck as well.

  • Bupkis,

    How did you come up with the 8A/hr number?  It is rated at .85 A/hr, that should be about 23 hours of run time under ideal conditions?

  • from your post "The frig is rated at 8.2A @ 12v". .85A @ 120v = 8.2A @ 12v

    65w / 12v = 5+A

    Vehicle provides little if any charge, the distance from the alternator and size of wire prevents much charging.

    it should plugging away, it does cut off the load terminal that your are not using.

    your fridge has its own battery monitor, might set that up to your liking.

  •  Yes unless your driving 1000 miles the alternator is doing very little to charge the batteries.......  Your fridge being in that box isn't helping anything either........ In the winter time maybe.....

    I still say you need more panels....... Why not buy a couple of 100w panels and hook them up and lean them on the trailer during the day????? Buy the 3/4 thinner ones..... Not the flex panels....

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