Battery charging question

I have a hard wire 2000w inverter charger. Installed in my travel trailer.

No solar.

It will only charge the battery bank when the "power" switch is on.

Is that correct?

It makes sense at some level.

Just want to make sure it is operating correctly.


  •  Yes the switch has to be on........ And when it's on the inverter is also using power itself.......

    I could be missing something.... But your charging the batteries with the inverter that's hooked to the batteries??? Or do you have it hooked to an AC outlet???? You didn't say.........

  • Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.

    Yes, it is plugged into shore power. 

    It is working great. 

    I just imagined it charging without the inverter power switch being turned on.

    I don't know why I thought that. Huh.

    On another note, I had created a "ticket" and Renogy got back to me via email next day.

    Not a very technical question but they did respond in a timely fashion.

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