How to manually equalize a Renogy Rover 40A PG?

 I have a renogy rover 40A PG and sometimes I need to manually tell charge controllers to equalize. Our system is not sized big enough to equalize using solar alone (we use a generator). Is there a way to tell my Rover to go into equalize instead of boost for a certain day by manually enabling that on the controller?

I'm debating just making the boost setpoint be the actual equalize setpoint so I don't have to mess with this at all.

I have multiple charge controllers that I manually set to equalize. What do other people do when they need to tell their system to equalize on a certain day?

  •  {What do other people do when they need to tell their system to equalize on a certain day?}

    Mine does it by itself on the 28th of every month....... It's been doing it for almost 4 years now.....

    How often do you make your batteries equalize???????

  • I connected 600 watts of solar to my Rover yesterday. We have two Outback MX Charge Controllers and two Outback FX inverters. Both MX charge controllers can be manually set to equalize when our FX inverters/chargers are charging the batteries using AC power from the generator.

    We equalize the batteries 4 times a year. And I don't want to set the rover up to automatically equalize, because if I do that, it won't equalize when I want it to. With my system the rover, and the other two charge controllers can NEVER equalize on their own because we have a 2.9kW system and a battery that is oversized for the amount of solar we have (why we have to run the generator).

    We don't have a set date that we're going to equalize next because we like to monitor the system when the generator is running so we can turn on and off the generator when we want to.

  •  It sounds like you have it figured out......   Carry on......

    Stay safe......

  • upping the 'boost' voltage is the only way I know of except hooking solar directly to the battery and monitor batt voltage, cutting solar off @ 16 +/- v or specific gravity  (5A solar / 100ah capacity). Firing up a gen sure seems easy.

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