Still waiting for my inverter. (order #1006086) WORST COMPANY EVER!!!

I ordered an inverter on July 1st. opened a ticket on the 13th. The only thing they did was to change the  order status to SHIPPED. and give me the tracking number. when i track the package later. Fedex website only showing that the shipping information was sent to the carrier. it doesn't mean that was shipped. Not even got picked up information. Almost a month now! (21 days). Still not got me inverter that was saying IN STOCK when i ordered from them. Requested refund but still waiting for response.  order #1006086

  •  Do a charge back on your credit card......... I'm saying that Renogy will file for bankruptcy within the next two months...........

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs. We are currently in a transition period and are training are new employees to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

    Thank you

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