50Ah battery won't charge

Good day,

I have a lifepo4 50ah battery wiith wanderer 10a charge controller, 100W PV panel and a renogy battery meter. This setup is use to power small compressor fridge (power consumption is 55W or .75ah). When I went to sleep this morning (around 1am) the battery meter showed that the battery still had around 20ah left. When I got up this morning (9.5am), the meter showed 0ah left, 12.9V and fridge was still running fine). The wanderer showed 13V. I also used a multimeter at battery terminals and it showed 12.98V which make sense. I tried to charge the battery back but it won't take a charge. PV voltage is 14.5V and ~5A but the meter shows 0A going in the battery. I then replaced the wanderer with a bench top power supply and set it to 14.4V and 10A (as I usually do) and the battery is not pulling the amperage. I wandering what could be the issue here and what steps should I take to investigate and correct the issue? I don't believe the bms is in shutdown state since I'm reading a good voltage at the terminals. The wanderer is supposed to have a bms wake-up/reset feature but after 30min it still shows 0A... I try to call and they hang up automatically. I have create a support ticket but I want to sort this issue asap. Any ideas or comments? Any help will be really appreciated. BTW, It's a brand new battery (2 weeks old) Thanks! Phil

  • Update: I ended up finding the issue. It was a faulty powerpole connector. It's the first time such a connector fail. I'll look into changing those small powerpole to xt90 connectors.

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