200 Watt Eclipse Suitcase Plus 100 Watt Panel

I bought the 200 Watt Eclipse Monocrystalline Solar Suitcase w/o Controller: RNG-KIT-STCS200MB-NC-BC

The panels/case seem very well constructed and came wired in series with two +- MC4 connectors.

I added the Renogy Voyager - 20A PWM Waterproof Charge Controller. I recently ordered a 100 Watt Monocrystalline Panel (Compact Design) and another (new edition) Voyager 20A PWM Charge Controller.

The plan is to maintain maximum portability and deployment options, primarily while towing travel trailer w/dual 6v GC batteries (100 watt panel mounted on Tow Vehicle roof rack) and in campground with 200 watt suitcase.

I want option to deploy panels (either 200W suitcase or single 100W panel) as far as 30 feet from battery bank or as close as 6 feet. I do not want to permanently mount panels and/or controller(s).

My build so far includes:

On 200 Watt suitcase (series) I have short section MC4 to anderson connectors (10 AWG wire).

On 100 Watt panel I have short section MC4 to anderson connectors (10 AWG wire).

Voyager controllers have short sections anderson connectors (10 AWG wire).

Battery bank has fused SAE connector for input and I have made up several different lengths of 10AWG extensions with anderson connectors.

This configuration allows me to quickly deploy either or both "systems" with controller at battery bank or at panel(s).

After all that, my questions are:  Have I made a mistake with using PWM Voyager controller instead of MPPT, particularly on the 200 W Eclipse suitcase which is wired in series? Should I re-wire 200 Watt suitcase to parallel and use the PWM controller @ the suitcase panels? I think the Voyager PWM controller is fine with the single 100 W panel?

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  • might find the 200w suitcase is wired in parallel. looks like 2 x 32 cell panels or 2 '12v panels, in series would be too high a voltage for '12v'.

  •  Thanks for the reply Bupkis!

    This is what confuses me. Please see attached images. The panels look (to me) to be wired in series. Am I seeing it wrong?

    To add to my confusion, the panels seem to be labeled wrong. Wouldn't a 200 W suitcase show Max Power at STC as 2 x 100 W ?? Please see second attached image.

    Thanks for your input!

    (57.1 KB)
  • That looks like 2 x 50w which would not be 200w. They do/did have some 100w suitcases that were in series. The front shows 32 or 16 or ?? cells? 

  • Doesn't make sense, does it?? Panel front is 32 cells and panel dimensions definitely do not match label. Very strange.

    (88.2 KB)

    looks like 2 of these, measure the voltage at the leads, ~20v = '12v' panel in parallel,

  • Thanks for sticking with this, Bupkis !

    Yes, it does look like two of the 100 watt panels. And...the voltage does read ~20v (overcast).

    So, does that mean the parallel connection is made in the PV junction box ? I thought the PV junction box was just +- and a diode. How does the ++ -- connection get made? I'm not using any branch connectors.

    Still, the label seems incorrect, right? Thanks again !!

    (149 KB)
    (136 KB)
  • Does this 200w panel deliver 10A with a pwm controller? You'd need to open to see the wiring. it could be like this 


  • Yes, it does deliver 10A with PWM under load and no, the wiring inside the PV junction box sure looks like straight series connection to me. See attached picture. Thanks for you patience. I'm really trying to understand this.

    (378 KB)
  • do you have a volt meter? Be interesting to measure voltage of one panel @ the junction box.

  • the eclipse single 100w has 2 diodes

  •  9.75v at each PV junction box.

  • those would be 6v panels in series to make a '12v' panel. Treat it as one 12v panel.

  •  Butttttt, they specifically say "Two 100 watt Eclipse Solar Panels" !!

    If they are two 6 volt 100 watt panels, I sure can't find them listed anywhere and that would mean I could not wire them in parallel even if I wanted to?!

    Thanks for helping me figure this out. I think I need to speak with someone @ Renogy.

  • I knew one of their 100w cases was 2 x 50w in series, 16 cell panels.


    your 32 cell panel must each be 2 strings of 16 in parallel, in series with the other panel. It does not make sense to me to make them this way,

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