Difficulty contacting customer service.

I have a possible problem with my new 3000W inverter/charger and I submitted a ticket on July 12th since I can never get anyone on the phone at Renogy, their phone system HANGS UP ON ME.  Despite what is mentioned on the website (within 24 hrs) no one has contacted me about my ticket (#167730) even though they have my email and phone number.

Is there a different number or e-mail address folks have had any luck with?  Remarkably frustrating.

  •  They were here yesterday and said they were working on getting things straightened out....... We shall see....... Time will tell..........

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs. We are currently in a transition period and are training are new employees to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

    Thank you

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