Customer Service ???

I'm getting nervous. After reading some of the posts in this forum, I am concerned about the lack of customer support, and follow up. Before I spend several thousand dollars, I'd like to know that IF there is a problem, the company will respond.

  •  Carnack where are you when we need you.......

  •  Carnac,


    I really wish they had a edit post on here....... But if wishes could come true I would wish for a lot of things......

    Best of luck Bob

  • I just submitted a ticket about 4 hours ago about which battery is best for _my_ setup.  No response yet but, obviously, it hasn't been an unreasonable amount of time yet.  If I don't get a response by EOW I'll be looking for another company to buy batteries from.

  •  If it were me I'd start looking other places for a battery, It's not looking very good at Renogy........ And that is very sad..........

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs. We are currently in a transition period and are training are new employees to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Let me know if you have any direct questions and I will gladly answer them.

    Thank you

  • Renogy support, I responded to your email with details of my setup.  Waiting for a response with recommendation for the best battery(s).

  • Dear Renogy Support Admin, 

    STOP LYING!  How long is this transition period of yours supposed to last?  Best I can tell, it's been going on for nearly a year.  When I purchased a system from you 4 years ago the experience was great.  I am in the process of purchasing a new solar system from you now, complete with batteries and inverters and chargers, and for whatever reason, NOW YOU ARE TERRIBLE!!!!  What's the deal?  You need a serious restructuring, and more importably than that, you need to insist that your customer service representatives cease their lies and deception.  If they say that something is in stock and will ship right away, I shouldn't have to spend an additional 6 hours on hold over the course of the following week to track down my order only to find out that it's still sitting untouched in your warehouse.  Shame on you.

  •  I still say they are filling there orders with returned defective products...... I wouldn't buy anything from Renogy until they get things straightened out........... There are way to many problems with items that should be new.........

  • Just wanted to say that things seem to be improving at Renogy . . . maybe.  I got a response back in a timely manner and they even responded to my follow-up question.  Only problem I have is that I purchased another panel on Amazon which was promised by July 17.  Three days late already and still not shipped.  Ugh!

  •  Hopefully they are trying to figure things out?

    Please note that starting from July 24th at 5 pm PST, Renogy's online stores (, Amazon, etc.) will close temporarily and not accept any new orders. Our fulfillment center will remain open to process and ship purchases made by 5 pm, July 24th. Our support teams will also continue to assist you with any questions and concerns you may have throughout this time.

    All online stores will re-open July 31st at midnight. We apologize ahead of time for any inconveniences this temporary closure may cause. Outlined below are answers to some questions you may have regarding our online store closures.

    I think this is a good thing.....

  • Okay, Renogy.  Your support seems to be improving but where is the panel I ordered on Amazon?  It is late and no indication of when I will get it.  

    If you can't ship it today, please recommend another company.

  • Finally got the new panel.  Works great.  Other than the (very aggravating) wait, the service has been very good.

  • How did you get a response? I've been waiting for a response for over 2 weeks now and still nothing. At first were responding within a day or two but not any longer... I've been waiting for my order for nearly 2 months now.

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