Connect battery to controller before connecting panel???

  • According to my newly received 20a Traveler Series controller manual, "WARNING, connect battery terminal wires to the charge controller FIRST then connect the solar panel(s) to the charge controller. NEVER connect solar controller to panel before the battery". And yet, the controller for my 100a suitcase had the charge controller pre-connected to the panel! How am I supposed to connect the battery before I connect the panel? Remove the panel wires from the controller every time I want to use the panel??? Please explain proper procedure. Thanks.

  • ignore this warning for your PWM controller, it is likely a good idea to keep sun off the panel before attaching the battery, like turning it away from the sun. This same inquiry was brought me to this forum many moons ago and Renogy replied with something similar! The warning should be headed for MPPT controllers which are usually not portable.

  • cover your panels with cardboard, then hook them up. 

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