I experience some issue to get my order!

Here is the calendar of activities for this saga

June 7th 2020:  Purchase Order  for a PWM Solar Controller.

June 7th :  Purchasing Order acknowledgment and billed to my credit card accordingly.

June 7th :  Receiving an E-Mail from Renogy Canada: Order Status Changed: AWAITING FULFILLMENT.

June 18th :  Inquiry to get info about delivery by Customer Support ticket.

June 18th : Customer Support Ticket Closedand transfert to Renogy Canada.

June 29th : E-mail to Renogy Canada to get delivery status. New second Customer Support Ticket generated.

July 4th : Automated confirmation Customer Support Ticket  is generated, but no feed back from Renogy since that date.

July 7th : Send an E-Mail to Renogy Canada via their Web site to  get delivery status of my Order. No feed back so ever.

July 8th :  Trying to reach Renogy Canada on phone (1-800-330-8678) This phone number is no longer valid.

July 8th:  Send an E-Mail to Renogy responsible accounting contact person who sent me on June 7thby email notice of my invoice payment ( Result: «This destination E-mail account that you tried to reach does not exist »!

July 9th :  Still waiting some feed back confirmation from Renogy.

July9th :  More than a month later, my purchasing order status remain : AWAITING FULFILLMENT since June 7th.   







  •  That's exactly why I'm not gonna buy anything from them until they get things straightened out.....

  • I'm sorry, This sucks. I'm having a terrible time with them as well. They sent me a defective charge controller and now I can't get them to email me a shipping label to send the defective one back and get a working one. This is terrible, awful customer service. 

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  • Use Amazon

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs. We are currently in a transition period and are training are new employees to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

    Thank you

  • Follow up delivery status of my Wanderer solar controler:

    July 9th:  Order status changed to: AWAITING FOR DELIVERY

    July 10th:  Goods shipped by Amazon!

    July 13th:  Controller received at home!!!

    Now I am happy!!!



  •  Michel, Does it work??????? I believe I'd check it before I was to happy...........

  • I am in the same boat and beyond frustrated with Renogy... I ordered a controller on June 30th, and was mark shipped out the 5th- amazing!!!

    I track the expensive package for two weeks- California to Alabama, USA- Item gets lost and has not even left their facility.Multiple calls to the "new telephone service" and I cannot speak to anyone.... emails go unanswered.

    They blame FedEx, I blame Renogy. I had a similar issue with a three week shipment issue for the basic 100 watt kit (It took the entire month of June to ship to me).

    They suck, if they do not get it together soon, BBB will be hearing about this.

  •  Do a charge back on your credit card......

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  • I need help the sent me the wrong eclipse kit. I received the one without controller etc. Now getting support is impossible. Got through once and they said they would send a shipping label and new product but that was a lie. Nothing sent .... no response. 1.5 hours and still caller 18. HELP. PLEASE
  •  Do a charge back on your credit card......... I'm saying that Renogy will file for bankruptcy within the next two months...........

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