Renogy Rover 30A with LiPo batteries

I have a bunch of extra e-golf battery modules I'd like to use with my Renogy Rover. They are 4s3p LiPo chemistry batteries from what I can tell, which means fully charged they should be at 16.8 volts. I have a Renogy Rover 30a unit and the bluetooth module, but I can't seem to get the parameters set up to work right with these batteries. Seems they want a 12v or 24v system. Even when I put the controller in USER mode and set the parameters: If I set it on 12v I get a battery overvoltage error, and on 24v the system seems to want to overcharge them. My DC load is just landscape lighting which seems to be ok with the 16.8v output.

I set:
HV Disconnect, Charge Limit Voltage, Equalize charge voltage, boost charge voltage, float charge voltage, boost char return voltage all to 16.8v
Over disc reture volt, low voltage alarm, over discharge volt all to 12v

Am I just using the wrong controller or is it possible to get this to work?




  • IIRC the settings is 9-17 v for 12v and would be 18-34 v for 24v.

    as for setting USER for 12v, good luck. Try the controller's interface!

  •  +1 for setting the USER setting physically on the controller. For some reason Renogy products don't let you change the battery type to user using the RS232 port (which the bluetooth module uses, which is used by the Renogy BT App)

  • Yeah I got the bluetooth interface and the app because there are settings missing from the physical device, and the screen is so hard to read and interact with.  I can get into USR battery mode just fine.  The app is just terrible though: inconsistent, no indicator if live data or stale data, parts in Chinese, and the unit doesn't seem to immediately react to changes like going from 12v mode to 24v mode.  I'm ready to bail on Renogy for something more configurable and consistent.

  • I'm in a similar situation, where I've harvested a large quantity of 18650's, and settled on using 96 of them in a 6S16P configuration. I started working on this late last year, but I'm just now wiring everything up.

    I decided on 6S because it would give a 24V battery voltage, but I'm not sure if that was a good idea, because I don't know if the 12V (nominal) solar panels can actually charge a 24V battery.

    I spent quite a bit of time analyzing the charging characteristics of LiPo batteries, trying to fill in the chart shown in the Renogy Rover 20A/30A/40A User Guide PDF, and this is what I came up with:

                                x1      x6   x6/2
    High Voltage Disconnect    4.3    25.8   12.9
    Equalization Voltage       ---    ----   ----
    Boost voltage              4.2    25.2 12.6
    Float Voltage              ---    ----  ----
    Boost Voltage Return       3.9    23.4   11.7
    Low Voltage Reconnect      3.2    19.2    9.6
    Under Voltage Warning      3.1    18.6    9.3
    Low Voltage Disconnect     3.0    18.0    9.0
    Discharge Limit Voltage    2.8    16.8    8.4

    And then I downloaded the BT-1 app and connected to the BT-1, and nothing really matches. Terrible spelling errors, almost all of the terms are different, and there's a new parameter called "Charge Limit Voltage" that doesn't show up in the user manual.

    Ok, so I decided on a value of 25.5V for Charge Limit Voltage, so that's 12.7V.

    Because these are Lithium batteries, there's no "Equalization Voltage" or "Float Voltage", which translates apparently to "Equalize Charge Volt" and "Float Charge Volt", respectively. And now that I'm plugging values into the BT-1 app, I don't see a way to specify the "---" that's in the PDF for either of them. No matter what I type, I end up with 7 in that field. Which I hope just means that because 7V is lower than the lowest 6S parameter, it won't do anything?

    I don't know what "Boost Charge Time" value to use, but with 96 of them, I guess should be ok at 120? Since boost is what brings the batteries back up to 4.20V after they drop to 3.90V?

    I wish there was some sort of guidance on what settings to use, other than "see the battery manufacturer", and some level of consistency between the user manual and BT-1 app.


  • Renogy controller do step up voltage, ie one can not use a'12v' panel to charge a '24v' battery, you'd need a 72 cell panel or 2 x '12v' panels in series yielding Vmp of ~30-35v which can be stepped down by a mppt controller to charge either a '24v' battery or a '12v' battery depending on the controller's setting.

  • ^^^Renogy controllers do NOT step up voltage!^^^

  • Ok, thanks, Bupkis, I have a pair of 100W 12V panels that I can wire in series.

    Hopefully the rest of the issues I'm having with the configuration won't cause any problems...


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