Battery over discharge error, 30 amp inline fuse tripping

I have two Renogy 160 watt flexible panels on my travel trailer roof.  I have a 30 Amp MPTT Rover controller.  I have had it for a couple of years and have 160 nights in the trailer.  I was camping this weekend and while the two 12 volt  batteries were almost fully recharged my system shut down.  My Blue Tooth app gave me the "Battery over discharged" error and shut the system down.  It tripped my 30 amp fuse going from my panels to the controller.  It did it about 5 times over the weekend.  When I reset it, it seemed to work for a while.  Then trip again.  The batteries were never over discharged.  Any thoughts? This has never happened in the past.

  •  What was the voltage in the batteries when it tripped????

  •  How hot was it outside when it tripped??????

  • Thanks for your reply. My best guess for the voltage would have been around 12.4-12.5. It was probably 65 degrees outside. We were in the coast of California.
  • odd that 320 watts of solar would trip 30A, a short should not trip 30A

    WAG, your controller is toast.

  •  I agree..... He has a bad controller...... Buy a larger better one next time....

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