Not Disclosing Inventory Issues - Beware

The company's website doesn't even attempt to warn you that they are having inventory gaps.  I ordered some panels last week and within the day my credit card was charged and I got a shipment tracking number.  However, a week and a day later, the only thing showing when I track the package is that the shipping info was sent to the carrier.  Tried opening a ticket a couple days later, still waiting for that too.  Now I'm in indefinite hold waiting to speak with someone who is likely going to tell me to be patient, inventory low, etc.  Wish I'd known before ordering. 

  • I do apologize for the inconvenience, Please reach out to our Customer Engagement team and they should be able to further assist you.

    Thank you

  • I have the same problem. i ordered a inverter on July 1st. opened a ticket, the only thing they did was change the  order status to SHIPPED. and give me the tracking number. when i track the package, Fedex website only showing that the shipping information was sent to the carrier. i doesn't mean that was shipped. Not even got picked up information. Almost a month now! (21 days). Still not got me inverter that was saying IN STOCK when i ordered from them. Requested refund but still waiting for response. 

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