Burnt Connection and Missing Screw

I went out to my van the other day after not using it for a few days and noticed the fridge was not on (I leave it running). I checked the controller and noticed that the negative coming from the solar panel was disconnected from the controller. I tried to put it back in assuming the screw loosened a bit, but there was no screw in the hole. I looked around but could not find the screw anywhere (not saying it's not in there, just that I couldn't find it). Upon further inspection, there was a faint burnt smell, and some very minimal melting near where the negative went into the controller.

My questions are:

Why would there be a burning smell?

How would that screw come all the way out?

What can/should I do to fix it?

I have a basic understanding of the setup, but I did not install it myself. I bought it this way. I've had the van since October of 2018 and this is the first major problem I've had with the system. Thanks for any help!

- 400 watts of Renogy solar panels 
- 40 Amp Renogy Rover MPPT Charge controller 
- 200 amp hour renogy AGM sealed battery 
- 1500 Watt steady state/ 3000 Watt Surge Pure Sine Wave inverter
- 45 Quart Whynter refrigerator

  • loose connection cause arcing, vibrations cause screws to loosen.

    find a screw and reattach

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