Bluetooth has never worked! TERRIBLE customer service! Run don't walk from Renogy

Bluetooth module never worked and phone app is a terrible joke (read reviews on Google or Apple stores).   Ticket I created disappeared. Finally spoke with someone who said I would get a return label for a defective bluetooth unit, via email.  But label never showed up.  Back to being on hold for 3 hours again.BS excuse that customer service is delayed due to system updated and covid 19.  What BS.  Does it take you 4 weeks to upgrade to a new system?  If yes, you got the wrong IT people.  Should be a seamless conversion.  Using IT systems as excuse for operational deficiencies. Reps I've spoken with are kind but have little to no product knowledge.  Terrible service.  Worst I've experienced in a long time.  Buy from other manufacturers!  

Fellow Renogy customers - Leave negative reviews on Amazon to save others from this hell!

  • Also, the ticket I created on bluetooth problem has completely disappeared.  No trace.  It was there but now gone.  Is Renogy deleting tickets rather than resolving them?  I think so.

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs.

    Thank you

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