Measuring open circuit voltage on Renogy 100W suitcase

Hi folks - the support line is impossible to get through so I am hoping someone can help me out.

I am completely new to solar and RV-ing. I was planning on using a 100W Renogi suitcase (with 20A controller) in an RV I am renting. This is the unit I bought -

When the panel arrived, I wanted to test it - but didn't have a battery yet (was planning on using the rental RV's batteries). 

So I tried out the open circuit voltage and short circuit current tests - and got ~0 for both. I basically followed these instructions - Took the panel out to face the sunlight directly and used a multimeter probe to check at the output leads that would go into the batteries.

Am I doing the test wrong or did I get a lemon?

  • wrong, you can do the voltage test at the controller's panel input or disconect them and you can do both the voltage check ~20v and then reset your meter to do the amp test.

    the controller does not 'activate' until it is connected to a battery, you can connect to your vehicle's battery and let it fire up and read the display.

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  • Awesome. Thanks - I just tried what you said and it does measure correctly now!

  • Happy camping/glamping/RVing!

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