Ticket ID 159487 No follow up, no answer no news!!

Over two weeks ago I submitted a ticket concerning an abnormal behaviour of the Rover 20amp controller with my LiFePO4 battery. Whenever the battery was fully charged the unit just for a short second beeped, showed error E02, the PV light went off, blinked and all returned to normal. This cycle repeats itself every 30 seconds and stops only when I place a load on the circuit using the load connection on the rover. I received an email asking me the make and maximum voltage of the battery to which I replied and in a second email sent the manufacturer specs. Since then I received no further communication. 

Now, I loved the idea of purchasing from a Canadian solar power company and will probably continue to use Renogy as my supplier however, unless there is a valid reason, your tech support is not up to standard. I have recommended you to members of my sailing club... have I lied to them?

  • I apologize for the delay, was your email responded to? If not please send you specs here and I will be able to further assist.

    Thank you

  • Yes I’m being taken care of thank you

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