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 I have not been this frustrated with a company in quite some time. I have tried repeatedly to communicate through all means available to no avail, and the excuse of transitioning phone systems is total BS. My order was forgotten, then after messaging asking about the status I got some windblown excuse about this and that and why it was taking so long. My order shipped, and when it arrived the most expensive items (batteries) were not in the shipment. If I only could have known that this would be the result I would have never attempted to do business with Renogy.

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  • It has been a week since my ticket was submitted and I still haven't received a reply or an update. Very unhappy with my whole experience. I will be looking for a professional brand with finishing my solar array. Very unprofessional way of handling business and ridiculous response time. 

  • We do apologize for the inconvenience, our company is trying our hardest to handle all of our customers. Please be patient with us and I assure you we will gladly assist you and take care of your needs.

    Thank you

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  •  Deleting post doesn't look good.............

  •  I wish a simple mined employee would call and answer a very simple question.....

    WHERE IS MY ORDER? The tracking number can not be found by FedEx....

    And no-one in the company can answer the phone

    9405511899563735112949 (Fedex (Ground))

  •  Do a charge back on your credit card......... I'm saying that Renogy will file for bankruptcy within the next two months...........

  • Same complaint as all the others. Ordered, billed and paid July 16. Email received said shipped on the July 20. Fedex ( ground) tracking number- 9400111108296824494245.  That is NOT a Fedex number, it is a USPS number. When I track that number label was printed at Renogy July 20. When tracking that USPS number it states that it has never left the shipper's location.  Go Figure !

       I have seen it before. Bait, Switch, Shuffle and start over . Had to be intentional. No body is that stupid ?

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  • Same as others. Paid on 7/13, and Renogy claims my order shipped on 7/14 via FedEx 394841838558. Yet this package still hasn't been picked up. I filed a claim with Paypal, and with the BBB about this. Renogy has yet to respond to the claim, but Paypal has refunded my money. 

  • Bad shipping indeed.  I ordered 8 panels, but received 8 through roof access points!  $1500 of panels but received $100 of small parts.   Called, emailed, created a ticket.  Finally got an email with a form to fill out asking me to justify why I am returning the items!  Really!  Waited 2 hours on phone to talk to somebody and got disconnected twice.  Truly poor business practices.  If this is not resolved in a week, I'm done with this company.  Will file a BB complaint and go through Paypal for a refund like Mike above.  What a joke.

  • Agreed, ordered and paid for 2 Eclipse solar panels, received 2 cable entry housings instead. The shipping label on the bubble wrap envelope the entry housings came in states the Eclipse SKU's and it weighs 30 pounds!, One week with no e-mail response. Now I have to start the credit card BS which can take up to 2 months to process.

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