Will MPPT varying charge voltage damage my 12v load devices?

My understanding is that to optimize current, the Rover 40A will vary the charge voltage going to my battery.  I am concerned about what effect that will have on load devices also attached to the battery, it seems like they will see this varying voltage too, and if sensitive to that, possibly fail.  Comments?

  • No, that is not what the controller does, it does raise battery voltage from low to 14.4v or so temp adjusted.

    typical charge profile, charge dead battery from 12v or below to 14.4v, hold 14.4v at battery for 2 hrs then hold battery @ 13.?v. Of course there are different charge profiles for different batt type, flooded batts need to get into the 14+v to FULLY charge.

    Would that charge profile hurt you stuff, vehicles alternators vary voltage to similar limits.

    what stuff do you have that is so sensitive? and what does the maker of said stuff say? RVers often claim 15.3v is all the fridge 12v brain can handle.

    The once monthly 'equalization' might be 15v, will that hurt your stuff? 

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