Renogy Rover and 8266

Just installed a couple of panels on my RV and wanted to connect the Rover to my data system through an esp8266.  I will be making a cable based on info found in this forum and was thinking of direct connecting it to the esp.  They are reported to be 5V tolerant but I read that TX is at 5.6V.  Has anyone tried to direct connect Rover TX/RX/GND to a 8266 (or arduino)?

Thanks.  Mike.

  • That would be a big NO.  I finally got a cable and confirmed that it is true RS232 coming out of the Rover.  For instance, I measure -5.7 volts on TX which seems to indicate a use of +/- voltages.  A RS232 to ttl converter is required

  • For anyone looking for an easy way to transfer data from the Rover (and I suspect similar hardware) using MQTT take a look at Tasmota and the associated Smart Meter Modbus extension..  All you need is the 232 to ttl converter and a esp8266 based controller - I used a Wemos Mini.  Everything else is available at no cost.

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