Fault warning code 03

 powered up the new 2000W inverter/charger and it started beeping with an 03 fault warning which is Battery over voltage.

I powered down and tripped the lead out to the battery so that i could cycle through the menu and make changes to the settings- first I made sure the battery selected was correct for my AGM 100w batteries. restart was good with no fault warning, then connected to shore power and started the air-conditioner. it ran for approx ten seconds then tripped the inverter internal breaker as well as the battery 200A breaker.  after reset Im back with the fault 03 warning. the manual sucks and there is no trouble shooting. I cant change the battery voltage settings because its preset, the only option would be to go custom setting but im not sure this is a solution - any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • What do have set for item 13

    was 03 a warning or an error

    what was the battery voltage

  •  item 13 shows 00V and cannot edit with up/dn arrow

    Battery voltage is 14.035

    03 was a warning flashing triangle

    i am including a diagram of my wiring,

  • Can't help, can not believe you are operating a mach via battery!

    I looked up a manual and saw item 13 as a 'programmable feature' .

    13 Over-Voltage Battery Recovery This setpoint indicates the recovery voltage to normal operation when a battery has been over-charged or is over the voltage limit. The inverter charger will be in a fault state if the battery voltage is above this designated setpoint and resume normal battery operation when reaching this set point.

    good luck!

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