enerdrive dc2dc40+ charger settings

Hi, I have an Enerdrive dc2dc40+ MPPT charger and I have just purchased a 12V 100ah SMART lithium battery and would like to know the BULK, FLOAT and Termination current seetings please?

I have the following settings:

Charging Current: 40A

Bulk                     : 14,4 Volts

Float                    : 13.5 Volts

Termination          :2 Amps

  • are you asking for the specs of the charger listed in the manual or the specs of the battery listed in its specs?

  • Hi, I have the specs for each but neither is explicit on the settings for the pairing; they provide a range.

    I would lie to know the specific settings required on the Enerdrive lithium settings for a Renogy 12V 100ah SMART battery please?

    I have set the following on the Enerdrive:

    Charging Current: 20A

    Bulk                     : 14.4 Volts

    Float                    : 13.5 Volts

    Termination          :2 Amps

  • the specific setting is battery type lithium

  • Yes correct but i am after the specific parameters...bulk absorption float/termination amps???
  • the voltage is in the manual for each battery type, there is no float and no cutoff amps.

    There is question as to what happens when absorption voltage is reached, cuts off or just stays a abs voltage and lets the battery bms handle it. Renogy is not clear.

  • Thanks for your efforts.

  • @Stephen Berlyn,

    Regarding the charging settings on this battery, the BULK setting for the ENERDRIVE unit sounds like our "Boost" setting which is 14.4V, for float we would also recommend 14.4V, for Termination current anything <2A is perfectly acceptable. Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you

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