Has anyone read serial output from inverters?

I see the threads in reading data from the Rover charge controllers, but I see a comm out port on a 2000w inverter from Renogy and am wondering has anyone here successfully read the metrics from there?
  •  I haven't seen anyone try this. It probably hasn't been done because one: Renogy hasn't given us a document with the protocol it uses, and two: I'm not even sure if you can get data from it.

    I'm assuming you're talking about:

    To me it just looks like there's an accessory that allows you to remotely turn it on and off, but it doesn't have any data shown on it. Plus, Renogy doesn't advertise it being compatible with their bluetooth modules, so either they haven't implemented the data on their bluetooth modules, or it uses an incompatible protocol.

  • Yup I think you’re exactly right. That is my model - I just noticed it does not have a comm port but I saw a newer model that did. Ah well.
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