Which boards support all Modbus commands


I'm using the Renogy Wanderer 10 amp positive ground (PG).  I've found many functions are not supported over Modbus interface, like current and power measurements.  (Voltage and controller temperature work fine.)

Has anyone had similar experience?

What is the most economical model that does support current and power measurements?



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  •  I really wish Renogy would post something about this. However, I think they just rebrand their products from SRNE Solar so I don't know how much they know about the products they rebrand, since they just use the same protocol as SRNE.

    It'd be awesome if someone from Renogy who has knowledge about this stuff could post something.

    For my Rover, I think everything works until I get to a large portion of the stuff at the bottom of the Modbus document.

  • @Cbad536, 

    Unfortunately the wanderer 10 does not have all the supported functions as our other controllers over Mod-bus interface. The most economical model that does support current and power measurements would be the 30A wanderer. 

    Thank you, 

  • Renogy,

    Thank you for the information.  You've shown very impressive support on this website, for people like myself who are trying to closely interface with Renogy products.  I'll keep buying them.  

    I'll be purchasing a Wanderer or Rover.


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