Hail damage! 2 Questions...

After 6? 7? years, and TWO hailstorms and roof replacements, my four faithful 100-watt panels finally suffered battle damage. All four have some cracking, adjuster gave me pics. BUT... The next sunny day, my raw voltage was STILL 20.6V same as always! Y'all know I'm not gonna throw them away, and they probably will be replaced, what would you do with them? Question 2)... After the hailstorm, and power failure, I was changing out one of my 18AH batteries and noticed that the case was hot to the touch, and so was the PWM30CC controller. I hooked up another battery, charging voltage was 19.7!!! No resetting or tweaking changed that. I'm gonna have to replace it, as well, but what could a hailstorm do to the controller in my shop in the garage???   Four panels in parallel, 10Ga stranded aluminum through a weatherhead on the roof, about 12 feet total run to the main shutoff and controller.

  • @Todd

    Thank you for reaching out to us, for damage like that there is really no fix for the cracked layer of glass, within the time the panel will begin to fail. As far as the controller, that is strange it could have just failed simultaneously, those units have a 1-3 year life span. Please reach out to us if you have any other questions or concerns.

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  •  Man your very lucky..... That PWM30CC controller usually doesn't last that long.... Awesome...

  • Similar question, but extended to recycling. I caused a stress fracture that propagated throughout the glass, and of course now I will not use it for safety reasons. But how do I dispose of it? Does Renogy offer recycling of this type of item?

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