Cannot Contact Support

I have been trying to get in touch with Renogy Customer Service for 2 days.

The phone message says they are experiencing call back tomorrow.

Anyone been able to get in touch with support?

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  •  Just as a show of solidarity, I've been having the same problem. Really frustrating.

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  • I finally got in....they are upgrading their phone systems.

  • I’m getting the same. I’m not impressed with that type of customer service support... and their phone number wasn’t easy to find.

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  •  Ian, did you manage to get any answers from an actual human?

  • Yes. I spoke with a Sales person and a technician....very nice people.

    I was frustrated though trying to get in....but finally did about 2 hrs. ago.

  •  That's good news, I'll try again in the AM.

  • Nor have they responded to a ticket I submitted on May 9. Beginning to think thIs site is a scam...

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  •  It's not a scam, they're just having difficulties right now.

  • The same, won't be using them again. They don't reply to their online ticketing system either.

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  •  Don't let it bother you........ This isn't anything new....... It's been like this for over 3 years...... Over 3 different forums......

    This is the worst forum yet......

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  • I do apologize for the delayed times, we are currently going through a transition period of all our systems. Please be patient with us as we do value all of our customers. I do appreciate everyone's feedback and we will continue working to  improve on the current delays.

    Thank you,

  •  Fix the PMs/DMs and the edit capability while your at it............

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  • I have not been able to contact them at all. They messed up the shipping address of my package and now won’t answer me to be able to change it. On top of that they put in their “special instructions” to Fed Ex that no one but THEM can change the shipping address so basically their mistake is jeopardizing $2000 worth of equipment!!! You guys need to do better. This is the worst customer support I’ve ever received. Terrible terrible terrible.

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  • I received my Dc to Dc 50Amp Battery Charger on May 12th, had issue.  Tried all of last TWO weeks to get through.  Nada!  Sent two emails to customer service.  Submitted 2 or maybe 3 tickets starting on 14th and still nothing.  

    It has been 12 days... Can you hear the chirping...  Chirp Chirp

    It doesn't take that long to upgrade a phone system. At least answer emails or tickets  PLEASE.

    THis is not like Renogy that I have dealt with.  

    Larry - La Verne, CA

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