additional power source with Voyager

I would like to add an additional power source to run parallel to a solar panel.  My current setup is a Voyager with a 50W panel.   This is used to power some garden irrigation equipment.  We have days where there really isn't a lot of sunlight.

I don't want to oversize my battery  (maybe just use a 20AH AGM SLA for now) -- my load is somewhere in the 300-500ma range continuous.

I was consider using a small DC power source as a backup to the solar (or maybe its the other way around) to keep the battery charged.     

my question is - can I just put a small wall 12v DC supply in parallel with the solar PV input on the voyager or do I need to add some form of diode to prevent back feeding the panel and or dc supply?  do I need an ideal diode or can I just hook this up without any other parts?

many thanks.

  • I think I would connect the wall wart to the battery but would measure its voltage.

  • @Vinnie,

    Unfortunately, we would not recommend connecting anything other than solar panels into the charge controller, which could cause damage to the unit. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

    Thank you, 

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