Help me with my Renogy setup

Hi all,

I am building a setup on my RV roof consisting of:

  • 1x 175W flexible panel
  • 4x 100W flexible panel
  • 1x Rover-LI 40A
  • 2x Smart 100AH Lithium batteries
  • 1x 500A battery monitor

  • What is the best way to wire up these dissimilar panels? All in parallel? Series-parallel? Shading is definitely a concern for the RV. The cable run from the panels to the controller (which is right next to the batteries) is about 15ft of 8wg.
  • What max/min voltage settings are correct for the 500A monitor to get the correct readings?
  • I am only getting about 225W max in full sun. Is this expected?

  • all parallel would be best for the mppt controller to find mppt of the combination

    No idea about your 500A monitor

    you should get more that 225w, full sun perpendicular to panels, controller in bulk or mppt mode

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  • so the high and low voltage reset the meter to 100% or zero % based on voltage and the spec sheet indicates 10-14.8v, seems that is the 0% and 100% voltages. I might set it to 15v and 12v for the alarm, but there is a ah capacity alarm so try what ya like and report back!

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