400 watt 12v solar generator

Hello I need help. I recently bought four renogy 100 watt 12v solar panels so a total of 400 watt 12v. Charge control 40 amp MPPT rover with bluetooth adapter. 2 renogy 12v 100ah gell battery. 2000 watt inverter. My main goal is to setup a solar generator to power normal appliances such as mini RV fridge, microwave etc. Normal setup for offgrid living. 1-What is the best way to wire the panels and why? In parallel or series for charging 12v 100ah gell batteries. 2- Charge controller 40amp rover terminal holes accept max wire gauge is 8 awg does that mean it can fit 8awg and less example 10,12,14? It will not fit 6 awg which is bigger then 8awg? 3- I want to be able to charge a 12v battery take it off and charge another one. When doing so do I take off the panels or battery first ? What's the safest method of dismantelling the system ? Take off panel first from charge controller or take off battery ? 4- most setup I seen is panels in series. Then setup for battery would be parallel. Is this this the best method for my application? 5- should I just use 8awg or 10awg for the whole setup? I dont want to waste money on buying differnt wires. 6- panels 400 watt 12v panels to charge controller has a 40amp breaker. Charge controller to battery have a 40amp breaker and battery to 2000 watt inverter has a 250amp breaker. Is that good enough for protection? Sorry for so much questions please help.
  • for 12v battery bank

    4 x 100w in series-parallel, that is 2 strings of 2

    10g for the panel hook up is fine, how long from panels to controller?

    always disconnect the panels first then the battery, hook up is batt first then panels

    8g from controller to batt, renogy has 'tray cable', 8g ~8' with ring terminals

    fusing is OK, short inverter to batt wire is 4/0?

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  • 4 x 100w is series parallel because 4 in series is too much voltage for the rover, also the higher the input voltage the more heat at controller which is loss of power - it takes more energy to converter 70v to batt voltage than converting  35v to batt voltage. at least 2 in series to increase input voltage high enough to exceed charging voltage when panels are hot and only making 15v or less! 400w/35v is ~11A so 10g is ok unless the panels are far away. Controller to battery could be almost 30A in ideal conditions so short 8g.

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  • Thank u so much I went to buy 8awg for the build as for the 12v battery to 2200 watt inverter I'm going 5o use 1awg with 250 amp circuit breaker.
  • 2000w / 12v = 166A    166 *1.25 = 208A      250A is correct but you might need bigger wire!

  • Is wire 1awg good enough for 2200 watt invertor? Or do I need a thicker wire?
  • 1 awg is ok, I'd with 1/0 AWG battery cables or larger for continuous load or longer than a few feet.

  • Thank u :)!!!!!
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