Support not answering phone or emails

Anybody else having issues getting a hold of support? I had submitted a support ticket back in the first part of march, talked with support, we diagnosed the issue and determined my inverter was possibly bad. He had me contact support via their phone number, talked to the lady, and she had me send my receipt in address to her so they could send me out a shipping label. After that, nothing. Crickets. Multiple emails to support and a phone call today all with no answer. I'd like to get my inverter swapped out, as it powers my garage.

  • I opened a ticket this weekend on a Lycan. I hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears. Luck with your need. Larrie
  •  As far as I can tell NO ONE is getting through to Renogy......... I haven't had any luck either...

    That's the reason I don't understand why they switched from a forum that actually worked to one that doesn't............

  • @Larrie, I will send this information over to our Customer Service Manager and someone will reach out to you shortly.

    Thank you,

  • Larrie, Daniel contacted me yesterday and got me setup with a shipping label, and my inverter is on its way to you guys for repair. Adam
  • They have recently replied to me, and are helping with my issue. Larrie
  • I also had an inverter issue where the brand new inverter I bought was turning on then off over and over. I talked to support tech and he told me to send it in that it was shorting out. I got the RMA, and shipping and sent it in. They answered my ticket a couple of times until 8 days ago, now they don't answer my ticket or the phone. I'm out $150 and am getting away from Renogy unless they come through for me

  • No one is answering my calls or emails. I have been trying to contact them for 2 weeks!!!!! I NEED to know where my kit is. They are being reckless with $2,000 worth of equipment. This is the worst customer service I’ve ever received and will never ever be using renogy again.

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  • Sorry to hear that. I've sent my lycan in, and am hoping to get a refund sooner than later. Not sure, but maybe the virus is playing in to some of this delay. Larrie
  • I hope they get their act together. I submitted a BBB action against them back when I didn’t heard from them. The next day, Renogy support got back with me and and I sent my inverter in. They signed for it May 5th, but I haven’t heard from them since. I hope I get it back.
  •  This is the worst I have seen Renogy act in the 3 plus years I have been on their3 different  forums......

    If it were me I wouldn't buy anything from Renogy until they get problems fixed...... I just bought $2500 worth of solar items for a new setup from there competitors for the simple reason they aren't acting like a viable company......

    I really hate to hear of there problems but it's all there own fault.... At one time I thought they were the best solar company out there..... Not anymore...... Only time will tell if they can work things out..... I sure hope so,,,,,

  • Order placed for over $2500, only got portions and no response to my "tickets." I am seriously going to stop payment on my credit card and tell them to pick everything up!  Battleborn... here we come!  Does anybody know the contact info for anyone heading up Renogy?? Would appreciate ability to let them know they can pick up their merchandise... I am DONE!

  • Not getting timely support response either.  Bought through Amazon and my inverter is not functioning properly.  1000w inverter that shuts down with 550w load.  Renogy responded to ask questions, I replied and they are silent.  

  • It appears that many maufacturers are doing the same thing. I've had the same sort of problems with Maxxcell maxxair fan division on a maxx Fan that was bad right out of the box. No answer to 5 emails and 3 phone calls. Seems several Manufacturers are doing the same thing as renogy,


  •  Oster isn't that way. I had an oven that was only 6 months old that wouldn't releguate the temp correctly. It would only stay at 500 degrees. I called them and within a week I had a brand new one. I didn't have to return the old one. All they wanted me to cut the cord and send them a pic of it cut.

    That's the way it should be done.

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