Help with limiting charge voltage

Here’s my system: Renogy 200w started system with 10 amp inline fuse Wanderer 30A PWM charge controller with BT-1 Bluetooth module set to GEL battery with digital volt meter attached vmaxtanks 125ah battery GoWISE Power Ps1003 Pire SINE Wave inverter 2000W cont/4000w peak When you batteries are fully charged, the inverter sounds a buzzer and kicks off. I think it’s kicking off because it’s over the 16V limit. The BT-1 app doesn’t show it to be over 16V, but my volt meter does show small spikes. But, I don’t think I’ve seen over 16V. I tried using the BT-1 app to limit the charge controller to 14.9v max charge instead of 15.5v, but even using the admin password it doesn’t seem to stick. My batteries say they should only be charged to 14.9v max. How do I limit my charge controller through the BT-1 app? Thanks!
  • set the wanderer to gel, it should not exceed 14.2v unless it is colder than 77F.  you can only change stuff in USER or Li battery types, no USER battery type setting for wanderer?. see the parameters on page 14 note the note at the bottom!

  • It’s set to Gel and it’s charging way past 14.2v. This morning it was 60 degrees and the poor battery was charged to 15.5v, which kicked the inverter into “fault mode”. I tried setting User, but it won’t stay that way. Weird.
  • time to contact support to get another one or a differnt one!

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