Voyager 20a pwm controller

I have a rockwood 2506 thats pre-wired for solar. I would like to use that plug for my new portable panels. The wires from the plug don't run directly to the batteries. Any ideas on how this can be installed if possible? Also has anyone removed the controller and installed it inside the TT?

Renogy 200 Watt Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar

  • Since the wires do not run directly to the batteries, where do they go? If you move the controller inside then the wires from the panel go to the controller (you can use the plug if you rewire it, be sure and get the polarity correct). From the controller you'd wire directly to the batteries with 'tray' cable.

    Note: be sure and check the polarity of the plug and solar, the side wall zamp rv ready is backwards compared to the rest of the world! There are adapters but just rewire it correctly.

  • I just followed the wires and they go to a junction box and from there to batteries. Since I moved my batteries inside trailer I will be removing that wire and run wires for batteries close to controller. That will shorten the run. Then I will      extend solar panel wire that will attach to existing trailer solar plug (Renogy mc4 to sae adaptor 12 awg) to controller.

    Make sense? Do you know where and what kind of wire and connectors I would need? 

  • I bought tray cable from Renogy, came with ring terminal on one end for the battery.can't remember 8 or 10g, it is stiff! I like big wire (short as possible) from controller to battery. I bought 10g SAE connector via amozon like, cut in half and wired one end to 12g landscape wire that goes to folding panel and a short section of 12g landscape wire that goes to the controller inside the trailer (no side port).

  • I removed the controller from the 200 watt portable panel and installed it near my two 6 volt batteries.  Installed mc4 connectors on the panels wires. Made a about a 12' extension cable with 12/2 landscape wire and installed mc4 connectors on both ends. I have a Zamp port on my trailer,  so I purchased a Y adapter with mc4 ends to connect my 12/2 extension cable. From the Y port to the controller is 12/2 wire. I have 10/2 wire running from the controller to batteries.

    Since the extension wire is about 12' should I have used 10/2 instead of 12/2??

  • insignificant with your PWM controller. 

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