600 Watt 24V Solar Premium Kit - is 12V setup OK?

My lights, fans, and appliances use 12V DC power. If I purchase this 24V kit can I just hook it up in parallel for 12V or am I missing something?

  •  Why are you buying a 24v system when you only want a 12v system? I don't understand.......

    Are you planning on running your 12v appliances on the CC or the batteries?

  • You could certain hook up 600w with the 40A controller for 12v batteries. 3 panels in series, 2 strings. While the rated max is 520w for 12v I'd have no problem with going to 600w.  The 100v input limit prevents you from hooking all the panels parallel so you would hook them in series/parallel with 2 strings in parallel, each string with 3 panels. depending on days of autonomy would determine your battery bank size.

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  • AFIK, a couple of their 300w panels in series or parallel would work fine for a 40A controller and 12v battery.

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  • hope that answered your question.

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  • Bupkis, so the 24v rating is the minimum rating for 6 100w panels going into the Rover Li 40A controller? The 2 strings of 3 parallel panels hooked up in series makes sense. But I could still charge and run my 2 200Ah batteries in parallel to provide 12v my fixtures and appliances? 

    I see that people are pairing these systems with 2000w 24v inverters. Maybe that is where my confusion is coming from, because I will need both 110v AC and 12v DC power. 

  •  You really need to figure out how much power each appliance you want to use is going to be using AC or DC....... Before you buy anything.....

  • these controllers can be used for either 12v battery bank or 24v battery bank (some even 48v). Mppt controllers accept higher current (uo to 100v for the rover) and then step id down to either a 12v system or a 24v system.

    Using 100w panels with a Voc of 22v means you are limited to how many in series you can use!

    to answer your question directly, no, for a 24v battery bank the Max solar input power is listed at 1040 watts and I have no issue overpower or over rating this spec as panel general do not make their rated power due to all the issues like dust, temp, cloulds, panel angle, shade and on and on.

    the other question is yes, 6 x 100w in 2 strings of 3 into the controller and the controller auto detects 12v or you manually set it to 12v for battery charging. I'd plan on making ~120ah a day depending on time of year and panel angle, it will vary greatly.

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