How do you send a PM to anyone???

 How do you send a PM to anyone??? Including the Admin?

  •  Do you have to get a ticket?????

  •  I guess Renogy looks at this forum as much as they did the last two?

  • I do apologize for the delayed response, we have been transitioning over to the new forum, as of right now there is now PM option. We will keep an eye on the forum throughout the week from here on out.

  •  Is that NO PM option??? Or is there NOW PM available?

  •  Still no answer...

  •  I wish they switched the forum to Discourse. It has that built in just like most other pre-built forums and it looks modern.

  •  I wish they hadn't switched to this forum at all.... At least not just yet..... Yes there is a lot of great info here but that's about it....

    It's hard to navigate and, well I'll just leave it at that and say I wish they hadn't switched before this forum was totally up and running.....

    Way to many many glitches here.....

  • @Tattoo, Once again I do apologize for the delayed response. Currently, there is "No" PM option available. We do appreciate all the feedback, as this is a new forum that we are now using. We will explore all ways to improve the forum to our customer's recommendations for an all-around better experience. 

    -Thank you

  •  How do we send you the Admin a PM?? Can we still use the old forum??

  • @Tattoo, Unfortunately PMs are not an option at all at this moment. We do plan on exploring this more and adding it in the near future. The old forum will be phased out, once again thank you we do appreciate your feedback.

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