Renogy 100ah 12v agm soc

Does anyone now the state of charge for 100 percent and 50percent for there 100ah 12v agm battery As well as the absorbtion voltage and float voltage
  • Patrick,

    For our 12V 100AH AGM batteries, the resting state of charge voltage for 100% is ~13.3V-13.5V and for 50% is ~12.0V-12.2V. The absorption voltage is 14.4-14.8V and the float voltage is 13.5-13.8V. 

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  • I’m using the tracer 40a 4215BN MPPT with 2 AGM 100ah 12v batteries wired in series with 4 100W 12v panels wired series/parallel Probably a silly question... Sense I’m in 24v scenario I would just double those numbers to enter into the MT-50. The MT-50 does not have AGM for a choice I’m thinking I need to use the “user” option and enter them in manually. I have read many different opinions on this and some say just use the GEL setting. I just want to make sure I am treating the batteries properly. Greatly appreciate any information as this is my first solar setup.
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